WT Reviews

Branding, Web Dev

Short Description

The Challenge

To develop an online platform for reviews about a diverse portfolio of products.


The blog was launched with an eye-catching and modern theme (of the time) and a fully functional monetization platform


The WT Reviews brand was lanced across various platforms including RSS Feed Burners, YouTube and a custom mobile application among others, to reach a wider and broader audience.


An email digest was sent to subscribers each time the site updated.

Date: August 2010

Link: reviews.wiltabone.com

Type:Blog, Branding, Website

WT Reviews is a reviews portal on diverse products and works.

One can find literary appreciations of original works by the developer of the site itself and others. However the
main focus is technology with pre-release software being critically evaluated by the site’s staff. The project
turned out to be a success, attracting a diverse global audience in it’s first week – hitting the 500 benchmark in
just 7 days.