Branding, Web Dev

Short Description

The Challenge

We were approached to build a website for a high quality Furniture production firm. The client wanted to re-establish the brand of their family-owned business.

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The Process

A sit-down session with the client was first conducted so that requirements gathering could be performed. Having the basic information at hand, the initial prototypes were designed and presented to the client for approval.

In terms of the brand, we believed that a minimalist and simple logo would suffice for a furniture film which believes in effectiveness,

Following this, the product was developed and tested with continuous client updates.

Short Description

The Solution

  • The main site implements AJAX in order to provide a smoother experience.
  • We implemented a mobile version of the site to provide a fluid experience to mobile and tablet users.
  • The web development package included the setting up of custom email addresses and services.
  • We rebranded our client’s company to give it a newer and fresher approach.

Client:Company Inc.

Date:28 September, 2015

Type:Redesign, Branding, Website

A website for a Maltese furniture manufacturing brand.